Our responsibility to our customers (Our customers and our relationship with them underpins our success. We act responsibly towards our customers when we deliver quality services, compete fairly, honour our contractual commitments and make no improper payments to our customers or anyone else. Our responsible behaviour towards our customers will consistently add value to their business as well as ours. Failure to meet this commitment will erode trust and weaken long-term, profitable relationships).

Our responsibility to our business partners (Our business partners are the suppliers, agents, consultants, lenders, joint venture partners and others with whom we transact business. They are also crucial for the long-term success of AVRB and should be considered colleagues, not adversaries. We create a reputation for integrity and honesty when we deal with our business partners in fair and honest relationships and with high ethical standards).

Our responsibility to each other (AVRB employees come from many countries with different backgrounds and cultures. Every employee contributes to AVRB and contributions are maximised if we provide a suitable work environment. We value the diversity of our people and we respect and uphold their right to work in a safe and healthy environment of mutual respect and open communication, free from harassment and offering equal opportunity for advancement and promotion).

Believing in people, teamwork and diversity delivering in a safe and sustainable way aspiring to excellence; passionate about success.