The Global AVRB

AVRB is an international project management and engineering services company.
We are headquartered in Basel with regional head offices. We work worldwide, responsibly and for the long term.

AVRB is able to provide:

  • Local service with global support
  • Global community learning and knowledge share
  • Transferable best practice

AVRB is working with Blue Chip Customers in a diverse range of industries. These customers work with AVRB because we:

  • Align business to business objectives
  • Work together to achieve sustainable growth
  • Make our customers more profitable
  • Satisfy a global need
  • Ensure a safe, environmentally aware delivery

AVRB consulting, deliver and support infrastructure for Customers around the World, from local technical services to international landmark projects, leading the field in project management, delivery and provision of a wide range of specialist services. AVRB has developed a high quality response to construction engineering challenges,

AVRB have particular experience in the operations, functions and issues included in office, pharmaceutical and biotechnology refurbishment projects.

AVRB has experience in designing and constructing the full range of pharmaceutical/ biotechnology facilities pilot and production processes ranging from bench scale to full, commercial-size facilities. Our experienced process and regulatory staff enable us to deliver systems and environments that are safe, efficient, productive and, not least, good to work in. Our track record in primary and secondary pharmaceutical production facilities, including biotechnology processes, covers a wide range of project types, from concept to start-up, including validation and commissioning services.