Engineering Management

AVRB provides the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries with excellent technical expertise and management skills that deliver the requirements of our customers worldwide. The division within AVRB that operates within this sector is known as AVRB CONSULTING.

AVRB provides its clients with the engineering expertise and support they need to succeed in the global pharmaceutical, biotechnology and fine chemical marketplace. We have delivered services to most of the top 20 organizations in these sectors, including several through long-term partnering relationships.

AVRB has experience in designing and constructing the full range of pharmaceutical/ biotechnology facilities and pilot and production processes ranging from bench scale to full, commercial-size facilities. Our experienced process and regulatory staff enable us to deliver systems and environments that are safe, efficient, productive and, not least, good to work in. Our track record in primary and secondary pharmaceutical production facilities, including biotechnology processes, covers a wide range of project types, from concept to start-up, including validation and commissioning services.