Value Management

AVRB will use Value Management as an integral part of delivering value during the Basic Design study.

Value Management is used by AVRB during the initial stages of design development to help produce a mutually agreed concept design solution.
It will be used to align the corporate strategic aspirations of the client and the local values, objectives and cultures of the local management teams and end users.

The Value Management process will be used to complement the traditional briefing process on functional requirements. By mapping the client's values and business objectives onto the development's functional requirements, it will be possible for AVRB to deliver solutions that maximise the potential benefit.

Value Management (Workshop)

The first Value Management Workshop will be used to capture and understand the clients corporate objectives, and to reach a consensus on the values applicable to the project. This will be undertaken within the initial briefing process on the project. This workshop will be critical in setting the framework against which all future decisions can be tested. The agreements reached in the inaugural meeting define the direction in which the project will develop, and the time invested in reaching these objectives will launch the successful implementation of the project.

The workshop will develop common understanding of both corporate and local issues by:

  • Understanding main aims of the project
  • Understanding the business drivers for the project
  • Understanding what value means to the project

Value Engineering (detailed)

  • Identification
  • Evaluation
  • Verification

In this stage, the team will generate a list of key design issues to be considered which will form the basis of the VE exercises that remove unnecessary cost.

  • High Value
  • High risk
  • Cost drivers
  • Cost thresholds

The key stage of the Value Engineering process is the evaluation phase.
This phase can still be broken into 3 steps;

  • 1st option generation
  • 2nd option evaluation
  • 3rd team decision.

Once a team decision has been reached it will be verified as before, either within a single or cross-discipline design review.